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Thread: I must admit

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    I must admit

    I'm very excited to watch the game and to see the green back on the field..Very excited to see if they can bounce back and maybe get some help from other teams as far as the playoffs are concerned..

    But this is by far the least pumped up I have been for a Jets game all year...I know the playoffs were a long shot this season but we were still in it and had a great chance..But last weeks Buffalo game killed us...Took whatever hope I had away..

    Like I said i will still be rooting my arse off, hoping we can bounce back. But I just don't have that normal feeling I get on Jets game-day.

    I hope that changes and I still think we win today but I had to share this with you all...

    Go Jets!!

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    I couldn't have said it better. As a matter of fact, I'm taping the game to watch it later but I don't even feel horrible that I'm not going to watch it live (like I usually do) because I have another commitment this afternoon.

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    The so-called experts said the Jets would win 3-4 games we have doubled there predictions. They knew our schedule coming into the season. We are playing with house money. This team does have flaws that need to be addressed in the off season, but we will be better in the long run. There is a lot to be excited about!
    There a pretty decent shot if we run the table we will make the playoffs. If we don't so we still had a better year then everyone expected. Be excited that we have a shot. Nobody thought we would be playing meaningful football a week before Christmas!
    This year reminds me of Bill Parcells first year with the Jets, we finished just short of the playoffs by losing a tough game to the Lions, but the next year we will be in the Championship game. There is a lot to look forward and be excited about as Jet fan with Mangini and Tannenbaum running the ship.


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