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Thread: ROOT FOR BENGALS vs Denver

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    ROOT FOR BENGALS vs Denver

    First of all we must beat Miami....

    I'd rather Cincy win because they have a much tougher Week 17 game, Steelers, than Denver who is home for 49ers.
    Personally, I think NE will beat Jax and we'll have fate in our own hands Christmas @ 8:30. But if not the "worst case" isnt awful.

    In Week 17 (if Cincy wins next week) we'll need 1 of following.
    -Jax lose @ KC
    -Cincy lose home to Steelers
    -NE lose @ Tennessee.

    **Again we must beat Miami**
    We the Fans will personally carry the team to a victory and playoffs against Radiers.

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    Yea I agree, the Steelers have won their last 3 games by outscoring their opponents 84-13. And they always play the Bengals close. On the other hand, the Broncos are at home against the Niners who they should beat.


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