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Thread: Dolphins trying to trade TE McMichael

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    Dolphins trying to trade TE McMichael


    Alex Marvez of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports that the Miami Dolphins are trying to trade tight end Randy McMichael.

    The price? A third-round pick.

    At a time when neither the free-agent market nor the 2007 draft class is filled with high-end talent, the possibility should be tempting for any team that needs a pass-catching tight end.

    McMichael is under contract through 2009. He's due to earn a $3 million roster bonus and a $1 million salary in 2007. Per NFLPA records, his base salary for 2008 is $3.5 million and his base salary for 2009 is $4 million.

    The 2002 fourth-round pick has caught more than 60 passes in three straight seasons. However, he has been implicated in multiple off-field incidents involving allegations of violence against his wife.

    If McMichael is traded, the Fins would then likely be in the market for another tight end. An intriguing option is University of Miami product Greg Olsen, who ran the forty-yard dash in 4.45 seconds last weekend at the scouting combine. But the Fins pick at No. 9 in round one, and that likely is too high to take him.

    They could use the third-rounder that they get for McMichael (if they are able to get a third-rounder for him) and package it with other picks in an effort to get back into the bottom of round one, if Olsen is still on the board.

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    Unless he is hurt, I would definately give up a 3rd for him.

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    Not a Mangini type guy but he is one helluva player.

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    I don't really understand it. Yes he dropped a lot of passes last year and his numbers were down, but he was used primarily as a blocker because the OL sucked. I was hoping that they would give him a pass and let him become a receiving threat again, but I guess not.

    Hopefully they are just putting out feelers or trying to gain some leverage to make him restructure.

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    I would do this trade any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

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    he's got a drinking problem and has been caught beating his wife on at least two occasions including once when she was 6 months pregnant

    his production dropped severely last year, could be related maybe just schemes taht didnt work well for him, but he still got open and dropped mad passes, he comes with big question marks but has shown great talent in the past

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    TE is at/near the bottom of the list of Jet priorities.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buzzsaw
    TE is at/near the bottom of the list of Jet priorities.
    Where do you get that idea? Who the hell is Chris Baker anyway?

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    OMG this guy is GOOD... and sadly we know first hand. If its a 3d.. WOW... I mean..WOW... DO IT NOW!!!!

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    im sold on chris baker you all would be too but its hard to shine if you rarely get any opportunites

    we need another blocking TE, though

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    He is a wife beater. Multiple offenses. No way Tangini does this. Though it would be a nice addition to the passing game. A good TE that can run the field will stretch out the D.


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