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Thread: Grand 11 Post Combine Mock

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    Grand 11 Post TJ trade mock

    EDIT: This is an updated verson of the post combine mock. i have made slight edits to due to the tj trade. Picks 1-24 will remain unaffected, and some picks after are the same as well. However rather than start a new thread, i will just make an edit here.

    Here we go:

    1) Oakland Raiders
    JaMarcus Russell- QB- LSU

    As stated by every person who watched a raider game this year, they need a quarterback. I originally had them picking Quinn first, but Russell is now the #1 pick

    2) Detroit Lions
    Joe Thomas- OT- Wisconsin

    Despite recently acquiring George Foster from the broncos, he is not a franchise tackle. Thomas, after his amazing combine workout, is now receiving the same hype Rob Gallery was back in 03. Thomas is the Franchise tackle the lions need.

    3) Cleveland Browns
    Adrian Peterson- RB- Oklahoma

    Shocking the football world and actually getting lucky for once, the Browns won a coin toss to pick 3rd. Petersonís stock has soared, and is the RB the browns have been missing for a long time.

    4) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Calvin Johnson- WR- GT

    Best receiver in draft, meet Chris Sims (or Jake Plummer or Jeff Garcia)

    5) Arizona Cardinals
    Gaines Adams- DE- Clemson

    This team needs help on the D-line. Adams combine workout propelled him to the top of the DE list. Landry is also a possibility here

    6) Washington Redskins
    Alan Branch- DT- Michigan

    Another team needing help on the D-Line. Would have loved for Adams to fall to them, but, get the best DT

    7) Minnesota Vikings
    LaRon Landry- S- LSU

    With the departure of Fred Smoot, the need for a defensive back has now become more of a necessity, than a want. Here the Vikings land the best safety in the draft.

    8) Houston Texans
    Amobi Okoye- DT- Louisville

    Another guy whose stock has sky rocketed since the combine. A young player who can provide much needed support for their ends

    9) Miami Dolphins
    Brady Quinn- QB- ND

    Cleo Lemon is not the answer. A 50%-75% Daunte Culpepper is not the answer. Quinn is arguably the most NFL ready of the quarterbacks, and could be the QB this team has been looking for since Dan Marino left.

    10) Atlanta Falcons
    Jamaal Anderson- DE- Arkansas

    John Abraham is often injured, and Pat Kearney will almost certainly be gone. Those two factors warrant this pick.

    11) San Francisco 49írs
    Dwayne Jarrett- WR- USC

    They have no big play guy. He is a good pick for them at this spot.

    12) Buffalo Bills
    Leon Hall- CB- Michigan

    Since Nate Clements is gone, this is now more of a need than ever. Hall and Youboty could be their CB duo of the future.

    13) St. Louis Rams
    Patrick Willis- ILB- Ole Miss

    Now that Dexter Coakly is gone, a young LB is necessary. Willis is a guy who could have gone a few picks earlier

    14) Carolina Panthers
    Levi Brown- OT- Penn St.

    The running game did nothing. They need revamp their line.

    15) Pittsburgh Steelers
    Paul Posluszny- LB- Penn St.

    Joey Porter has been released, and a gap is present. Poz can just step in and fill it.

    16) Green Bay Packers
    Marshawn Lynch- RB- Cal

    With a vacancy at RB, Lynch, who was once regarded as the best RB in the draft, lands here.

    17) Jacksonville Jaguars
    Adam Carriker- DE- Nebraska

    Though not a huge need, the Jags jump at the chance to pick this guy

    18) Cincinnati Bengals
    Greg Olson- TE- Miami (FL)

    The best tight end in the draft goes to a team in need of one who can catch the ball

    19) Tennessee Titans
    Michael Griffin- S- Texas

    Other than Pac-Man, they have no great DB. He can provide much needed assistance

    20) New York Giants
    Lawrence Timmons- OLB- FSU

    With the release of Arrington and Emmons, there is a gap to fill at LB. Timmons can be plug right into their defense

    21) Denver Broncos
    Dewayne Bowe- WR- LSU

    Rod Smith is old and Ashley Lelie is gone. Bowe is a guy the need

    22) Dallas Cowboys
    Chris Houston- CB- Arkansas

    They need a guy to go along with Terence Newman. This guy can complement Newman perfectly.

    23) Kansas City Chiefs
    Ted Ginn Jr.- WR- OSU

    This team has always had week WR. They survived by relying on the running game, and Tony Gonzalez. In a WR heavy draft, they can address this need.

    24) New England Patriots
    Jon Beason- OLB- Miami (FL)

    The LBís were exposed during the AFC championship game. Beason could be the next Vilma with his speed

    25) New York Jets
    Justin Blalock- OG- Texas

    Dispite SAR ruining the fun and stating that the Jets Oline is not near as good run blocking as the bears, he does have a point. Blalock can make the oline better. I also have been putting DEs or OLBs at this point, but with the aquisition of Kenyon Coleman, that need gets pushed back to the 2nd round, hopefully lamar wodley. People will argue that db is a better pick for the jets, but in my opinion, Blalock is the way to go.

    26) Philadelphia Eagles
    Reggie Nelson- S- Florida

    Dawkins is getting old, and they have no depth. He can be their safety of the future.

    27) New Orleans Saints
    Jarvis Moss- OLB- Florida

    They have horible LB's. A need for fresh blood is present, and he can be a player for a long time

    28) New England Patriots
    Sidney Rice- WR- South Carolina

    They still have no great WR. Chad Jackson could be that man, but he was injured.

    29) Baltimore Ravens
    Stewart Bradley- OLB- Nebraska

    After losing Thomas to free agency, they have a need for a LB.

    30) San Diego Chargers
    Eric Weddle-S- Utah

    If you had to pick a weakness on this team last year, this would be my pick. Kiel who is battling legal issues may not be back next year

    31) Chicago Bears
    Quinn Pitcock- DT - OSU

    With Tommy Haris recenlty injuried, and his status being uncertant, Pitcock is a good pick. They also are very shallow in depth at this position

    32) Indianapolis Colts
    Darrelle Revis- CB- Pitt

    If Bob Sanders isnít playing, this secondary is very bad. They need a DB who can play when Bob Sanders isnít

    There you have it. I will be writing another one after the Pro Days are finished
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    Moss is a 3-4 LB, not a DE.

    The only way Jarrett goes that high is if he runs a 4.4, IMO.

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    That's a good mock in my opinion, sound reasoning and good placement of players.

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    49ers might be able to get Jarrett at that th 2nd round.

    Carriker to Jax makes no sense but solid job nonetheless.


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