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Thread: Players will have more value in training camp

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    Players will have more value in training camp

    Barrett,Barton and Mcariaens (sp ?) will have more trade value during training camp when teams are desperated for help.

    Our front office will do the right thing when camp opens and some players go down with injuries Tangini will be listening. These are the extra picks that we get that enable us to move up in rounds.

    We are in good hands with this front office.

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    I don't think they neccessarily trade any of them. I don't see a problem keeping Barrett around as Mangini said, you can never have too many CBs and to have Barrett as a nickel would be a tremendous help. Barton is severely underrated. Yes, he's getting up there in age but he is extremely productive. I'd keep McCareins but he is making too much money but he does provide depth at WR. So, if they were going to get traded it would have been before the draft I would think. I could see them getting released due to cap restraints but I wouldn't mind holding up to them all for another year. None are terrible or hurt the team.


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