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Thread: Question about attending The Draft

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    Question about attending The Draft

    Ok, I know this is 2 months too late (or 10 months early, lol) but now that the draft is at Radio City, is it harder to get in?

    Did the Paramount Theater have a larger capacity than Radio City?
    What Im driving at is do you have to wait in line longer at RC for a chance to get in?

    If so what time would you need to get inline?

    Im trying to plan a reunion with a bunch of friends who are spread out across the country, and also who root for different teams. I was just wondering
    how realistic our chances would be to actually get inside.

    Some advice from people who went this past year would help - thanks!

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    Having gone to the last 4 drafts I can give you some advice.

    Radio City can seat around 6,000, but probably around 4,000 get in; the WaMu Theater (not Paramount anymore) seats around 3-4,000 generally. So more guys get in at Radio City.

    It all depends on when the NFL gives out tickets. Last year was at 6 AM, so I got on line at around 3 AM and easily got in. The year before, they handed them out at midnight, so I went at 7 and barely got in. It really depends on luck, though I'd say getting on line around 4-5 hours ahead of when the NFL hands the tickets out is good.

    In fact, the line is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the draft itself, as you can talk to a fan of every team about football. I don't think that any other event allows you to do so.

    I would also advise getting a hotel and getting at least some sleep before the event; I did not last year and fell asleep many times during the longest 1st round in history. There are many cheap hotels around 50th st. (Super 8, Days Inn, Comfort Inn) that go for $100 a night.

    But if you have the chance to do this, by all means do it; every NFL fan should attend the draft at least once.


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