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Thread: Q&A with everyone's favorite..Hermie

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    Q&A with everyone's favorite..Hermie

    Q&A with HERM EDWARDS - 6/19
    Jun 19, 2007, 3:18:10 PM

    OTA - Highlights

    HERM EDWARDS: “We have one more day left and it’ll be similar to what we did today. Basically, the last two have been structured for the young guys. I want these guys to leave with some confidence in what we’re asking them to do. We’ve simplified some things these last two practices so they could leave here with a good taste in their mouths of what we want them to do offensively and defensively.

    “Then it’s a matter of going to training camp. Lot of competition will take place at training camp. That’s kind of where you mold your football team and build the toughness. There are a lot of players on this team right now who have made the all-short team. We’ll see how they fare when they put pads on. The great thing about it: you guys will see it every Thursday night on Hard Knocks (HBO) so we’ll see if we really hard knock anybody.”

    Q: Are you pleased with the off-season up to this point?

    EDWARDS: “Yeah, I really am. Going into the last week you anticipate a bunch of the veterans aren’t going to be here. I talked to them and that’s fine. They know what we have to do to go to training camp. We’ll set our goals and expectations this training camp for the year. We’ll make sure we’re all on the same page.”

    Q: Did you want Damon Huard to get a little rest today?

    EDWARDS: “Yeah. The other kid has been standing out here for 11 practices and all he gets to do is warm-ups in drills. I told him the next two days you really get to play football. He was excited about it and that’s part of it when you’re the fourth quarterback. You’re not going to get a lot of reps. That was the case with Casey Printers last year until some of the other quarterbacks got hurt. get to throw again tomorrow.”

    Q: What will you say to your guys as you say good-bye to them tomorrow for a month?

    EDWARDS: “The message is always the same for me. As a coach you always get nervous in the month prior to training camp when you let guys go. It seems like there’s always something that happens in the off-season. In our league there have been guys who have actually missed a whole season because of something catastrophic that has happened to them.

    “I always tell players that you don’t want to be involved in something that’s on because you’re not playing football. Stay off of that and you’ll be fine. Stay out of the hospital and remember this: when you choose to do something there are consequences and you’ve got to make sure that when you decide to do what you do it’s not only going to affect you but it’s going to affect this football team, your family and it could affect your career. That’s something we talk about and I’ll have documented evidence tomorrow of what’s happened the last four or five years in this one month of the off-season. Winslow got injured in a motorcycle accident last year or something like that and his career might be over.”

    Q: Since you started practicing a month or so ago have you learned anything new about Brodie Croyle that you didn’t know good or bad?

    EDWARDS: “No, I think he’s progressing. We put him in a lot of situations in practice especially in the “hot” periods of two minutes and Red Zone and in third down. Now he’s going to have to do that along with Damon in competition. I think the first time you see that will be against Minnesota. We’re going to practice against them on a Friday and again on Saturday and at the end we’re going to have a little scrimmage – actually a live scrimmage with the rookies. I think the pre-season will be a key for our quarterback position.”

    Q: This being your second year is this more your kind of team?

    EDWARDS: “Well, we’ve had two drafts. It’s no different than it was in New York . After your second or third draft you start acquiring a lot of your players. There are 42 players going to camp who are rookies or first year guys. That’s more than half your football team. That’s a good thing.

    “We’re more athletic than we’ve been. Now, we don’t have a lot of experience which is OK. The way you treat experience is like anything else. They’ve got to go play to get it. A lot of young players will play for us and we expect them to play well when they play. We just have to make sure as a staff that we put them in positions where they have a chance to be successful.”

    Q: Have you gotten more guys on this roster who you feel match your personality?

    EDWARDS: “Yeah, I think so and in what we want to do and what we’re asking them to do in our system. That’s what you want to do in the draft: you want to draft your players. You want to draft players that fit what you want them to do, that have a chance to be successful. Now, we’ve had a pretty good draft our first year here. This year I think we’ve had another good draft. It’ll all come to fruition when it comes time for them to play. Some of these young guys are going to have to step up and play. But they’re ready and most of the guys we’ve drafted the last years have come in from big colleges and played their freshman year. That says something about how they’re ready to go to this next level.”

    Q: Damon says he’s feeling the best he’s every felt throwing the ball.

    EDWARDS: “Yeah, and he’s done a good job. Damon’s chomping at the bit to compete because he has a chance to be a starter. Lot of places he’s been he’s never had that chance. He’s gone in as the backup guy and now he has a chance to compete against Brodie. It’s good for our football team.”

    Q: How much does having that experience help his chances?

    EDWARDS: “It helps. He’s played in more games, but he hasn’t started a lot of games. Now, he started last year when Trent went down and did a great job. But it’s not going to be on the quarterback this year. It has to be on the whole football team and we’re going to have to do some things to help the quarterback because no matter who it is they don’t have a lot of experience being the starter. You know that so you have to adjust and don’t put the quarterback in situations where he can’t be successful. We’re going to have to play around him with all three phases of the football.”

    Q: What are the changes from last year at this time?

    EDWARDS: “Compared to last year our tempo’s a lot better and we’ve gotten a lot younger too. That gives you a lot of energy when you come to practice every day. The young guys want to learn; it’s the first for them. When you have a seasoned veteran and he’s been through a lot of these it’s not the same. I just think the young guys have created a lot of energy in practice.”

    Q: When you look at the quarterback battle how do you balance the young guy who could be the guy for a long time against the more experienced guy who could give you better results early on?

    Q: “You want to put the best player in a position to win games for you. Whoever that is will be decided. What’s great about the decision is that no matter what decision you make there are going to be some opponents who say you shouldn’t have made it. That’s what is great about athletics. When you do something everyone doesn’t agree. But at the end of the day it really doesn’t matter because as long as I know what’s best for the football team it’s my decision.”

    Q: Do you feel like you go with the young guy if all things are equal?

    EDWARDS: “I’m going to go with the best player, the best player that I feel can win games for us and win a championship for us.”

    Q: Does making things simple help you to hit the ground running with the young guys?

    EDWARDS: “Well, it helps you play fast and I’m a big proponent of playing fast. I learned that when we were in Tampa. We had a bunch of young guys and we didn’t ask them to do a whole lot. We said, ‘see ball, go get ball.’ Just play fast and they did that. As we kept developing our program they kept getting better and better. That’s basically what we’re trying to do here.

    “I’ve taken over a program that was a veteran program that won a lot of football games. Hadn’t won any championships and hadn’t been to the playoffs enough. Hadn’t won a playoff game in a long time. I’m a part of that now. We got to the playoffs and didn’t win. So, I’ve got to do some things a little bit different. I’ve got to do things the way I see fit. That’s why they hired me. I think the players and coaches understand that and I’m going to do what I have to do. You can’t get caught up in what everybody else wants you to do. You have to do what you think is best.”

    Q: Have the pups helped put a pep in the step of the old dogs?

    EDWARDS: “The good thing about those guys is they bring energy and I can remember when I was a young player and those young players are excited about coming to work every day. They know that if you’re a young player in this program and you’re good enough and you know what to do you’re going to play. I told them that last year and a lot of them didn’t believe me. A lot of them ended up playing for us last year and the same thing will happen again this year. There will be a bunch of young guys play for us.”

    Q: But the old guys…have you seen them stepping it up?

    EDWARDS: “I shouldn’t say old, but the veteran guys. They’re excited too. The guys who have been in this program a long time – the Tony Gonzalez’s, the Brian Waters’ – those guys are excited about these guys. What’s good about the young guys is you tell them to run they don’t stop. They just keep running.”

    Q: Do you have to have the right veterans for that to work?

    EDWARDS: “Yeah, you really do. We’ve got some good veteran leadership here. Bringing Donnie Edwards back was a big deal for us because we knew he was going to bring leadership. Donnie Edwards is a guy who has played in the league a long time but still has young legs. That’s what you have to make sure when you bring in old guys. You play with your legs. When your legs are gone you’re not going to be a good football player. But Donnie still has a spark in his legs.”

    Q: What are you going to do with your time off?

    EDWARDS: “Going to for my daughter Vivian’s baptism, play a little golf and get ready for that tournament up in Tahoe so I don’t embarrass myself. I don’t want to kill anybody coming off the first tee. Other than that that’s what I’m gonna do. We generally get about a month and probably around that 20th day I’ll get that look in my eyes and my wife will say, ‘you’re ready to go back, aren’t you?’ I’ll end up coming back early but my wife will stay. That’s just how I’m built. With about 10 days to go before training camp I’ll get a little edgy. I’ll be ready to go to work.”

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    The man can sure talk.

    6 wins/10 losses

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    Naw I disagree, KC is my surprize team for the up comming season at 10 and 6. Herm's major problem as I see it is that Herm is unwilling to adapt basd on what has occured in his carrer so far. Why the heck are you doing what you did in NY Herm? You didn't win a SB

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie Brown
    Herm's major problem as I see it is that Herm is unwilling to adapt based on what has occured in his carrer so far. Why the heck are you doing what you did in NY Herm? You didn't win a SB
    The answer CB was in Forrest Gump..Stupid is as Stupid does..

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    Did you ever hear such probing questions from a journalist? You think Mangini would get the same kind of kid glove treatment from the New York media? Not a chance...

    Liked these incisive questions, in particular:

    "What will you say to your guys as you say good-bye to them tomorrow for a month?"
    "This being your second year is this more your kind of team?"
    "Damon says he’s feeling the best he’s every felt throwing the ball."
    "Does making things simple help you to hit the ground running with the young guys?"
    "What are you going to do with your time off?"
    Three words: "Barbecue, barbecue, barbecue".

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    he's totally clueless over there. totally screwed their playoff chances last year by reinstating green as the starter after huard revived their playoff chances. and now who's the qb and who's soaking in the south florida sun?


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