Is made of shattered bones, check this out. AL only league

Joe Crede-Drafted, now out for the year. droped.

Jason Giambi-Drafted, now out for the year. droped.

Miguel Tejada-Drafted, never ever gets hurt, now on dl till august

BJ Upton-Drafted, now on DL, at first just looked like a few games now its till the all star game.

Justin Speier-Drafef, now on DL. Had to drop after holding onto him for a month.

Garett Anderson-Drafted. Two DL stints, Had to drop due to other injuries.

Akinori Otsuka-Probably should be on the DL, hasnt pitched in a week.

Al Reyes-15 day dl.

Mike Napoli-15 day DL, probably well miss 6 weeks.

Has anyone had worse luck than that? Please someone, make me feel a little bit better. The luck im having is unreal.