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Thread: Harry Hamilton - Former Safety from '84-'87

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    Harry Hamilton - Former Safety from '84-'87

    Not a major story obviously, but I met Harry Hamilton today on the way home from a family function in Pennsylvania (former Jets safety from 84-87). I walked into a deli and he spotted my Jets t-shirt, hat, sneakers (with logo) and my Jabra Bluetooth headset with Jets logo on it, so he started asking me about how I became a Jets fan (he thought I was from Pennyslvania, but I told him that I am born and raised in NY).

    We were chatting for awhile about the Jets and he finally revealed that he was Harry Hamilton (I was only 12 back in '84, so didn't remember him by face, only by name).

    Great guy though, he was on his way back to his home in PA from visiting his Dad in White Plains.

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    met Harry in the stands in 84' during the JET- seahawk monday night game , I think? anyway, he was injured and sitting with his old man. talked to him the whole game. great guy, good safety. had some good years with the bucs also. great Penn State alumni.

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    Hamilton played 8 years with the Jets and Bucs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NFL NYJETS
    Hamilton played 8 years with the Jets and Bucs.
    Wasnt he the guy on L.A. Law? ;-)


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