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Thread: Tom Zbikowski, Notre Dame

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    Tom Zbikowski, Notre Dame

    Seems like a tough, smart, versatile player. Good pro prospect? What round is he projected to go in? And would he be the type of player Mangini would be interested in? Thanks.
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    he is severly overated, really hope we dont draft him.

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    I'm a big fan of Zbikowski too. But I think we're set at safety with Rhodes & Coleman/Smith.
    And btw: Mangini will sure love him, since he had that boxing match...

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    I always thought that Zbikowski was severly overrated by the 'Draftniks' last year, and it's much of the same this year so far.

    He's not a particuarly great athlete, I'd be shocked if he ran a Sub 4.5. He's not very good in coverage either....sure, he returns punts and boxes and is a leader, but on the field he really doesn't project to be a great NFL Player, at least IMO. I wouldn't take him on Day 1.


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