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Thread: Tui can be the starter

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    Tui can be the starter

    Last week, the media was focused on Jacob Bender starting at LG, then he was deactivated for the game. With Clemens, they would be throwing him to the wolves in his first start ever, with Baltimore considered one of the top defenses in the league, and it being their home opener. The Jets could possibly catch the Ravens off guard if they started Tui, an experienced and veteran QB. My gut feeling this time says Clemens will actually start (the Jets want to see what he does under adverse conditions). But you never know with Mangini - it could be Tui, or Penny (gadgetman Brad Smith might get a few snaps also).

    The other thing that might be getting overlooked is the running game. On the road with it being the opponent's home opener and the accompanying crowd noise, it's probably incumbant upon the Jets to establish an effective running game, more so than a passing game. So that would mean TJ and Leon would have to carry the load of the offense, and the blockers would have to step up their game.

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    Its puff puff pass, dont f *ck up the rotation.


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