It really is for me. I was looking forward to this F UCKING weekend since Friday. And it's a BIG F UCKING let down. Mets are eliminated from the ****ING playoffs.. when we led for 135 straight F UCKING days. The Jets lose when we thought we'd cruise because Buff didn't have their starting QB... Chad sucked.. the team sucked. Im just sick of it. Why do I have to go through this? Wait.. why do we ALL have to? Non sports fans will say.. Oh it's not your life.. calm down. Don't get too crazy over it. Ohhhh how much further from the f ucking truth they can be. Us fans not just Jets fans.. but every sport.. whether Mets fans Yankees fans.. we live and die with our teams. And when our teams lose.. we lose, and it hurts.. and it hurts bad. Like right now I feel really ****ing depressed. It just plain blows. This to add on that it is Sunday and I have to stay after school 2 hours tomorrow for PM classes. When the Jets win.. it makes things a lot easier.. at least IMO.

Im sorry for whining... but Im just in the dumps right now. Feel free to use this thread to cry, or at least shout and curse.. Electronically. Im done .. im shut down. Im going to do my home work now.. and stay pissed and depressed.

I just want to win.. I can't stand to see the fans celebrate when their team wins the SB and their Closer seals the final strike to win the WS..

When is enough... enough? I guess we will never know. But all I know is.. im hurting inside.. and it sucks today to be a fan of the Jets and Mets. Im done now.