The Jets players will always be the SAME regardless of who the coach is.

Its a "losers mentality" and us long-time fans have seen it over and over over the decades.

They get one win and they think theyre "good" - no GREAT! Yeah - thats it!!! We are a GREAT TEAM because we feel good for 6 days after our dominant 3 point win over a lousy Fish team. I think that's GREAT! Don't you???

No SB's in 38 years, but, we're great alright. And, as usual the "great and mighty" NY Jets went to Buffalo and never even considered that the Bills are a wounded animal WHO WILL PLAY EXTRA HARD BECAUSE THEYRE PLAYING A NYC TEAM - THE BIG APPLE - THE CITY WITH ALL THE ATTENTION - THE CITY THEIR FANS HATE - no, this never ever ever occurs to the Jets players. Nope.

PS - Dont forget our QB plays "great" very quietly! Shooooosh!