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Thread: As a freaking Jet fan... Im calling it how I see it for the first time in a long time

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    As a freaking Jet fan... Im calling it how I see it for the first time in a long time

    Maybe EVER!!!!!

    Lets start with Mangini... Instead of being on the damn Sopranos... Big tough guy huh? How about you freaking get this team to stop the run, sack the qb, pressure the qb... Not give up 200 yards a game on the freaking ground! Some defensive genious huh? I guess that was BB the whole time. Mangini='s smoke and mirrors

    Chad Pennington... Dink and dunk, dink and dunk... Floaters, floaters, gets the WR's killed... Time and time again... Once he is playing from behind, guess what? He makes freaking mistakes like I've never seen before! I use to root for Chad... I use to stick up for him... Not anymore, I'm over his ass... I swear... He freaking holds this offense back like never before. I guess I can now say that Chad Pennington is a defensive scheme waiting to happen... Everyone knows whats about to happen... And everyone been jumping the gun on his passes this season... And you know what? it started in the preseason

    Vilma... Undersised

    Robertson... Not a NT

    The Defense.... Bad

    The coach... Overhyped

    The QB... A backup

    Dyson... Not a #1 CB

    Ellis... Washed up

    RE... We dont have one... Bring back Kimo

    And whats up with this freaking running the ball 8 yards behind the L.O.S? lmao... Martys boy is gonna find a way to be just as bad as his dad in terms of play calling.

    Bring in Kellen... Thats the only hope I have as a fan in enjoying the rest of the season....

    With the #1 pick in the 2008 draft... The Ny Jets select.... (I bet we will find a way to blow that also)

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    Oh yea... One more thing... M.Nugent has been a waste...Instead of freaking kicking the ball on youtube, kick the ball on the damn field

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    Yeap. Mangina is a biotch, a faker. If he starts this scrub again next week he deserves to get fired. Anyone can do better than Chad at this point, even Tui, and that is a fact.

    You are up 10 late in the game and you lose by 11? You are a FN scrub Mangina, and so is your punk ass QB.

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    There is a definite stink in this organization and it needs to be corrected.

    Chad is horrible...I have been saying it for years.

    Mangini...if he start that bum next game...I will start to question everything he is doing from head to toe...because there is a lot of things wrong with this team and the one glaring problem is fixable and he hasnt pulled the trigger...


    What do you have to lose?

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    You forgot one thing PatsfanTX was right.


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