This lose is on Chad you might not want to admit it but it is. He showed today that he can't throw an out route and that allows teams to stack the middle of the field. Which means there is no place for Jones to run and there are no lanes to throw. Add to that with the added defenders in between the numbers when you do complete a pass there are plenty of defenders to make the tackle. Chad just doesn't have the arm strength to throw the outs. Look at his INTs they all come on out routes. It is time to start Kellen Chad is throwing INTs that are losing the games that is a sign that it is time to make a change at the QB spot.

As to the line playing poorly did you watch the Jets game?!?!?!!? From what I saw that defense that had all those sacks last week had One. They played well really well you can't put this on the O-line. The Defense played badly but we should have won and if chad had an arm we would have won this game.