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Thread: Sony Dumping All Rear-Projection TVs To Focus On LCDs?

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    Sony Dumping All Rear-Projection TVs To Focus On LCDs?

    This should warm SAR's heart...

    Sony dumping all rear-projection TVs to focus on LCDs?

    It's unconfirmed at the moment, but we're hearing that Sony is planning to discontinue sales of all rear-projection HDTVs, including its 3LCD and SXRD lines, after current inventories are exhausted to focus on the hot-selling Bravia LCD line. We've been tipped on it twice today and now This Week In Consumer Electronics is reporting that a Sony spokesperson has told them that "We are moving our resources more toward LCD TV, because that's what people really want." It looks like all backorders for the KDSZ70XBR5 are being canceled, as the unit will never be manufactured, and Sony's making a "no promises" effort to fill backorders for the KDF46E3000 and KDS60A3000. The move isn't exactly unprecedented or even all that surprising -- Toshiba, Philips and Hitachi have all stopped producing rear-projection sets, but Sony's SXRDs were still extremely popular and it's strange to see them get dropped just like that.

    Check the full leaked email we got.

    From: [redacted]
    Sent: Tuesday, December 18, 2007 10:01 PM
    To: [redacted]
    Subject: FW: Sony #-LCD and SXRD Announcment

    To All-
    I've spoken to some of you regarding Sony's announcement yesterday re: the discontinuation of all MDPJ sets including E-series 3-LCD, A and XBR-series SXRD. Here's an unofficial statement from our internal news:

    Sony to Stop MDPJ Production
    Dec. 17 - Due to the high consumer demand for BRAVIA flat-panel LCD televisions combined with the accelerating industry trend toward flat-panel displays, Sony Electronics will discontinue producing rear-projection televisions based on 3LCD and Silicon X-tal Reflective Display technologies.
    - All backorders for KDSZ70XBR5 are now cancelled as this set will not be produced.
    - We do expect to fill existing backorders for KDF46E3000 and KDS60A3000 if you need either of these models, LAST CHANCE, ORDER NOW and we will do our best to fill your orders no promises!!!

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    Rear Projection is a dodo, just like Plasma. With flat panel glass prices falling, screen sizes increasing, and the digital deadline approaching, there's no reason for that tweener technology anymore. Bulbs? Spinning wheels? Fans? LOL.

    SAR I


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