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Thread: Off_season Eval. Spec. Teams and the Staff

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    Off_season Eval. Spec. Teams and the Staff

    Jets Off-Season Evaluation: Part 4 - Special Teams and Coaching Staff
    By Joe Caporoso | January 6th, 2008
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    Today is the fourth segment in our extended look at the current Jets roster and the changes they need to make to improve. We will begin by grading all the players from the team this past season, now moving to the special teams and the coaching staff. Each article will also contain updates on any player or coaching news as it comes out.


    - News out of Oakland is that Rob Ryan is staying put as defensive coordinator, eliminating the chance of him coming to take over the Jets defense. Current coordinator Bob Sutton is still expected to be let go, but now his replacement could come from a number of different places. A candidate being mentioned is Ryanís brother, Rex who was just let go by the Ravens.

    Special Teams:

    -Overall Grade (B) : Unfortunately this unit will take a big hit next year from losing coordinator Mike Westoff, who is one the greatest special teams coaches in NFL history. After having a shaky start to the season, with the loss of Justin Miller and Ellis Hobbs returning a kick 108 yards for a touchdown, the special teams picked it up and provided some of the most exciting plays for the Jets this season. Leon Washington had a pro bowl caliber year as a punt and kick returner and Wallace Wright, David Bowens, and Brad Kassell all had solid years on the special teams units.

    - Mike Nugent (B) : (29/36 FGís, 2 GW FGís, 110 total points) Nugent has developed into a quality NFL kicker. He connected on game tying field goals at the end of regulation against Washington and Pittsburgh, and hit game winning field goals against Kansas City and Pittsburgh. He really only missed one big kick all season, which came against New England with the Jets trailing 20-10 with 3 minutes left. He also improved his leg strength on kickoffs and successfully converted an onside kick attempt against Cleveland. There is no reason not to think he wonít be the Jets kicker for at least the next few seasons.

    - Ben Graham (C-) : (23 punts downed inside 20 yard line) Graham struggled throughout the season and was eventually benched in favor of Jeremy Kapinos for one game before finishing the season against the Chiefs. It wouldnít be shocking to see the Jets attempt to sign a new punter in the off-season. Graham had too many untimely shanks this year and wasnít consistent enough downing the ball inside the 20.

    - Leon Washington (A) : (27.5 yards per kickoff return, 3 TDís. 9.2 yards per punt return) Washington was named team MVP for his performance as a returner and a running back. Filling in for pro bowler Justin Miller, Leon was electric as a kick returner and improved at punt returning as the year went on. The Jets will be have plenty of options next year with Washington and Miller both deep.

    The Coaches:

    - Bob Sutton (D) : Many people donít expect Sutton back next season and with good reason. The defense was awful through the first half of the season and didnít improve until Mangini took a more active role in the game planning for the last seven games.

    - Brian Schottenheimer (D+) : Schottenheimer was so impressive last season as a coordinator that he nearly received a head coaching job, yet defenses caught up to him this year. The constant shifting and motion didnít help mask an attack that lacked creativity and struggled heavily to create big plays. Schottenheimer didnít give Leon Washington nearly enough touches and didnít allow him to catch enough passes in space. The Jets need to find a new set of passing plays that take advantage of Kellen Clemensí arm strength.

    Eric Mangini (C-) : The only reason he doesnít get a D is because his team didnít quit on him and remained highly competitive throughout the entire year. He came up with an excellent game plan late in the year that caught New England off guard and another strong game plan that helped lead to an upset of Pittsburgh. However beyond those positives, Mangini must take the blame for the Jets starting so poorly and their inability to find a way to win so many close games. Next year he is on the hot seat.

    Monday - The Wide Receivers

    This entry was posted on Sunday, January 6th, 2008

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    Good read. I hope we have a shot at Rex Ryan but I doubt we will get him.

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