(call me Nastro-crayc) (prediction that will come true)

In what was a shocker, eli manning and company the newyork "football" giants pulled out an upset and beat the greatest cheats of all time, the patriots.

Early 1st quarter it went downhill fast for the giants, as the patriots went up 17-3, manning got picked off on the second quarter and the patriots scored, making it 24-3 at the end of the half.

The giants came back 3rd quarter scored 14 unanswered points 17-24 pats.
brady gets sacked and he fumbles the ball, goes back for a OSI td. we are all tied at 24

Pats get a fieldgoal, 27-24.

4th qt. giants score TD, 32-37 giants
they score again off a fumble on a kickoff 39-27
pats score TD, they go for 2 and its now 35-39
giants get a fieldgoal
brady get picked off last play for tom gaydy
ITS OVER the damn giants ... wait the football giants lol WIN! patriots cry, belichick clothelines tom coughlin, and pouts!

If this all goes down i swear imgoing to play the lotto lol