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Thread: Making sense of the Jets offseason so far

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    Making sense of the Jets offseason so far

    Obviously there are alot of teams with plenty of cap space. To say the Jets will be the ones to sign the bill for high priced/profiled players Madden style is silly. The options are thinning out at o-line as well as defense thatnks to the all mighty franchise tag.
    They will probably bag only one of the most sought after free agents. And it probably will be Samuel. I see them getting Calvin Pace too. they may try to swing a trade for an o-lineman. David Baas anyone? San Fran needs recievers, send J-Mac their way with a draft pick.
    I expect the Jets to sign mostly defensive players due to the pressing needs we have there. They've begun with Hawkins, who I assume is backup material since Smith played so well in camp last year before his injury. Eric Coleman is good as gone.
    The linebacking corps is in need of an improvement. Harris is a keeper, of course. I'd like them to keep Vilma, but if they get a good value for him, take it. I'd give Thomas one more year. I'd keep Barton as a back up.
    The Jets need to pick up a quality reciever that's young. They better swallow their pride and sign Coles long term (4 years 18 million with a hefty signing bonus to offset $ per year). Any one see this by the way?

    Why isn't Coles even on the depth chart?

    This is sounding like a mock offseason, which it is not. I guess to sum it up, I see the Jets loading up on defensive players before the draft. I see them either trading the #6 pick or signing Ellis or Gholston and using the remaing picks on o-lineman and recievers and backups for the starters.

    This being said, what sense can you make of the offseason so far?

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    Coles was on IR for the last games of the year.

    They may not add a free agent or remove cut players until camp.

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    he was on IR

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    I don't expect any big signings. Maybe a couple of veterans for the oline. On defense, maybe a lineman like Tommy Kelly, a bigger linebacker, and a cornerback.


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