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Thread: NFL close to agreement with Walsh, Goodell "anxious" to speak with him

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    Goodell hopes NFL is close to deal to talk to Walsh

    Hmm, This seems to get more interesting by the minute.

    INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell hopes the NFL is close to an agreement that will allow former New England Patriots employee Matt Walsh to tell the league about the tapes he is said to have made of the St. Louis Rams' walkthrough before the 2002 Super Bowl.

    "The lawyers are still talking and we're anxious to speak to him. We're anxious to get an agreement to get him to come forth." Goodell told the Associated Press on Wednesday before the start of the NFL combine.

    "We hope to be able to talk to him shortly."

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    NFL close to agreement with Walsh, Goodell "anxious" to speak with him

    You just had to know that the minute the last Spygate thread slipped off page 1 there would be news coming out that I just HAD to post!

    The week-to-week Spygate news is starting to feel like episodes of LOST.

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    Walsh should re-watch Joe Pesci's final scene from Goodfellas before he walks into that office.

    Matt, if you see Goodall and Kraft sitting there but there's no sign of Bellichick, look behind the door!


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