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Thread: Off season based upon priorities (INCLUDING MOCK DRAFT)

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    Off season based upon priorities (INCLUDING MOCK DRAFT)

    1. NT -- The fact that we are getting rid of Robertson says something. I doubt the Jets will enter the off-season without a true NT. JetsCentral says that S. Rogers is still up in there air, and I say we do a 3 way trade to get him. Robertson, a 5th to the Broncos, Foxworth and a 3rd to the Lions, S. Rogers to the Jets. I personally am neither in love with the idea of having Rubin as our starting NT nor the idea of having Okam there, and Ellis will be gone by the first pick (isn't it convinient that Parcells hasn't said a peep about the NT position "his biggest need at this point" yet he has the top pick in the draft?).

    2. LG -- This position was a mess. The reason why we didn't give Kendall his money was because we didn't want him there any longer. We wanted to improve upon the position and we will do that by throwing Faneca 55 million for 6 years (yes he will be an old guy by then... but we will have a replacement waiting in the wings and will probably be able to cut him at said point).

    3. J. Vilma -- He won't be a jet. We will trade him to the saint for their 3rd round pick.

    4. L. Coles -- we need to re-work his contract to make him happy to stay here -- he is a great player who deserves his money for the next 4 years or so so that he can retire a Jet

    5. K. Rhodes -- long - term this badass.

    6. OLB - Hobson won't be back in that role -- we will either look towards the top of the draft (Gholston/Groves) or the 2nd round (Avril/Marcus Howard)

    7. RT - plain and simple A. Clement is not the answer.

    8. DE - K. Coleman is alright, Shaun Ellis is getting on in years, we need a new player to add depth to that position and to potentially become a stud-starter. If we don't fall in love with either Gholston or Groves I could see us trading back and taking either Balmer or Dre Moore in the 1st.

    9. CB Depth - We need someone to push Justin Miller. A Dyson and D. Barret were invisible last year (well actually dyson was invisible barret should wish he was invisible).

    10. WR Depth - L. Coles is getting on in years and J. Cotchery is never going to be the type of reciever to vertaically stretch the field.

    11. FB

    12. Punter

    Okay -- so without no further ado, here is my mock.

    Round 1 -

    1. S. Ellis
    2. C. Long
    3. M. Ryan
    4. J. Long
    5. V. Gholston (they then trade J. Allen to the 49ers for their 2nd round pick and their 3rd next year).

    So with the 6th overall pick the new york jets.... trade the pick to Dallas for their 2 1st round picks (22 and 28).

    With the 22nd pick in the 2008 NFL football draft the NYJ select DT - Dre Moore from the University of Maryland - He could be the best 3-4 DE in football in a matter of a few years.

    With the 28th pick in the 2008 NFL football draft the NYJ select - James Hardy - WR - Indiana - Will open up the deep part of the field.

    With our 2nd round pick the NYJ select Marcus Howard - DE/OLB from the University of Georgia - To me a much better prospect than Groves.

    The Jets then trade their 3rd round pick -- as well as their 4th round pick in exchange for the 58th pick in the 2nd round -- The NYJ select RT Carl Nicks from the University of Nebraska

    With their 2nd 3rd round pick (the vilma pick) the NYJ select CB Charles Godfrey...

    6. FB

    7. P

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    It would be nice if everything fell into place like that. Nice Mock

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    Howard>Groves is a reach. I mean I love Howard too but Groves is the better athlete and football player right now.

    2)Nicks-won't last until the 3rd

    ...would be pretty sweet though.

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    Good job except for the draft. We need either Chris Long or Vernon Gholston, not Ellis. He will not be a good fit for us. I want the stud pass rusher that we are missing since John Abraham.


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