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Thread: Lockout Looming in 2011?

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    Lockout Looming in 2011?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RidgeJetsFan View Post

    Who cares - by then Mark Cubans football league will be in full swing and people wont even remember the NFL.

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    everything will be settled by then

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    The Jets should win a Super bowl just in case.

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    Way too much money at stake. They will get it together by then.

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    Exactly. This rumor comes around every couple years and they always seem to manage to come to an agreement. There's just too much money at steak for both sides for this not to happen. The players should be pretty happy with the huge increase to the cap in the last few years.

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    I'll share some guidance being given to player agents from the Salary Cap & Agent Administration Dept. at the NFLPA. This was in an email to NFLPA Certified Contract Advisors last week...

    The 2006 CBA extension provides that either the NFLPA or
    the owners may terminate the agreement early by giving notice
    on or before November 1, 2008 or before November 1,
    2009. The NFLPA fully expects the owners to exercise their
    rights this fall.

    For agents and players it is critical to understand what this
    might mean when negotiating player contracts that extend
    into years 2011 and beyond. Agents were informed at the
    recent Indianapolis Agent Seminar to be mindful of attempts
    by NFL Clubs to back load contracts, especially guaranteed
    portions, into years where a CBA may not exist and/or a
    work-stoppage, or lockout, may come into play. You should
    attempt to negotiate the bulk of the player’s compensation so
    that it is earned and paid during the period prior to any termination
    of the CBA.

    Additionally, once the CBA expires, the favorable provisions
    regarding forfeiture of signing bonuses and other amounts
    paid to players may also expire and the language negotiated
    in individual player contracts may again become enforceable
    as they were prior to the 2006 extension. Therefore, agents
    and players should try to negotiate language into contracts
    extending beyond 2010 that would protect the player should
    the current CBA no longer be in place.

    Agents should also review the CBA for other rule changes
    that will occur should 2010 become an uncapped year. We
    will be sending you further information about such possible
    changes and their impacting on your players at a later date.

    Any thoughts from the resident Cap gurus on how the Jets recently signed contracts fit this thinking?


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