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Thread: Keith Rivers

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    Keith Rivers

    This player has really intrigued me for quite some time.Does he project to the inside linebacker position in a 34 defense.

    Of all the players in this draft that could help the jets the most this coming season,this kid just might be that player if he projects to the Inside.

    Lining him up next to Harris with Pace and Thomas backed up by Rhodes and Revis could form a nice attacking defense.From that group,you could blitz just about any of the LBers or drop any of em into coverage.

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    Murray Hill
    Rivers looked sick today in his pro day. Blazed the 40. He could def be a fall back guy at 6 and maybe even prevent the Pats from leap frogging us for Gholsten if they're both still on the board.

    For the record stole my pats-chiefs leapfrog in their new mock. That's right they stole it.....from me.

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    I've thought for a long time he was a definite possibility at #6. I feel as if he can be our 3-4 version of Jonathan Vilma.

    He is excellent in coverage just like Vilma but has a much more aggressive demeanor to his play. For example, Vilma excels at avoiding and moving around blockers to make sideline to sideline plays but Rivers has more of a straight line attack mentality and goes THROUGH blockers.

    Check out Mayock's analysis of his Senior Bowl week:
    The weird thing is I have read that people think attacking and shedding blockers is his weakness but this video seems to prove that wrong. I don't know how consistently he does that but from what I see it shows he is willing to do it.

    I read this quote and immediately knew he could fit our scheme. Vilma would never say this:
    "What is your favorite thing to do on the field?"
    "Take on an ‘iso’ block" -

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    I am not a huge fan of taking a ILB that high in the draft, but Keith might be the exception.

    I think this guys is going to be a GREAT pro.

    My only concern is, how will he play in the 3-4? I am convinced he will be a star in the 4-3.

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    I'd rather have Rivers than Gholston personally.
    Rivers played hurt last year and still had a decent season.
    He's a fluid athlete, fills a need and is extremely versatile - they used him at DE, LB and Strong Safety in college.

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    i'd rather have the cb, it fills a much bigger need and the talent is fairly comparable.


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