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Thread: Surf's up at Xanadu

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    Surf's up at Xanadu

    Bergen Record

    xanadu adding indoor wave ride

    A clothing store that offers indoor surfing on a ride pulsing with 30,000 gallons of rushing water has been added to the "experiential retail" lineup at the Xanadu shopping complex being built in the Meadowlands.

    Adrenalina, a Miami-based entertainment and apparel company, has signed a lease to open a store at Xanadu in East Rutherford. The stores sell extreme sports equipment such as wakeboards, skateboards and wet suits, as well as bathing suits, board shorts, T-shirts and sunglasses.

    But what draws the crowds at the two Adrenalina stores, in Orlando, Fla., and Miami, is the Flowrider.

    The Flowrider, a water ride found at outdoor amusement parks, shoots jets of water up an inclined slope. The rushing water creates the effect of surfing the top of a wave. Customers pay $20 for a 30-minute session in the Flowrider.

    Some of those customers need a bathing suit and a towel before they can use the Flowrider, and Adrenalina is happy to sell those items to them, too. "We have a lot of people who walk by and say, 'I can try that?' And we can sell them everything they need," said Jeffrey Geller, president of Adrenalina.

    Adrenalina has deals to open locations in six malls this year, including Xanadu. Landlords consider the Flowrider such a draw that some are willing to give Adrenalina incentives that cover the $2 million construction cost, Geller said. "They really want us to open and they're betting on us even further by issuing great tenant allowances to help or cover construction fully," he said.

    Geller wouldn't comment on whether that was the case at Xanadu, but he said Xanadu's developers, Meadowlands Development, were eager to bring Adrenalina to the center. A Xanadu spokesman also couldn't comment on the specifics of the leasing deal.

    Geller said the company wanted to open a store in the Northeast "and we were presented with a great opportunity in this beautiful big project that is so close to Manhattan." The Xanadu deal "was good timing for everyone," he said.

    The Xanadu store will be about 12,000 square feet. The Flowrider also will be available for party rentals, at $300 to $400 per hour for 20 people. Adrenalina has a deal with the Flowrider maker, Waveloch of La Jolla, Calif., to be the exclusive retail use of the machine. The water in the ride is no more than four inches deep, and "surfers" who "wipe out" land on a padded plastic form that cushions the fall.

    Adrenalina, named after the Spanish word for adrenaline, was created in 2001 as a producer of extreme-sports television programs. "Based on the success of the TV show, we decided to build a retail business around it," Geller said. The company went public last year and its stock is traded on Nasdaq's Over the Counter board.

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    Pretty cool. But not many things top the 22,500 square meters of skiing indoors at Ski Dubai.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buster View Post

    But what draws the crowds at the two Adrenalina stores, in Orlando, Fla., and Miami, is the Flowrider.
    So that's where Fish ran him off to.

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    you know how much pee will be in that pool?


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