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Thread: Fins negotiating with JAKE Long?

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    Fins negotiating with JAKE Long?

    Could Chris Long slide to 6?

    Dolphins Negotiate With Michigan's Jake Long
    Posted Apr 9th 2008 4:41PM by Michael David Smith
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    With more than two weeks to go before the NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins are negotiating with Michigan offensive tackle Jake Long to be the first overall pick and could agree to a contract with him before the draft takes place, Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald is reporting.

    As the owners of the first pick, the Dolphins are the only team permitted to engage in contract negotiations with draft prospects, and as I've written before, I think the smart move is to begin those negotiations in advance. Reaching a contract agreement before the draft is the only way to ensure the first pick won't hold out all through training camp, the preseason and into the regular season, as Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell did last year.

    According to Darlington, the Dolphins have had contract talks with Jake Long but not with Virginia defensive end Chris Long, strongly suggesting that Jake Long is the top prospect on their draft board.

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    If the Tuna takes Jake Long and not Chris Long i don't see CL dropping all the way to 6... hell if the Phins pass on him i see the Rams taking him in a heart beat

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    I just can't imagine him slipping to 6........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mainejet View Post
    I just can't imagine him slipping to 6........
    Nor can I... but it's nice to fantasize.

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    This is not uncommon. The team with the first pick routinely drafts multiple deals to all it views are potential top of the first round picks. As an example a few years back, Houston conducted negotiations and had contracts made up with Mario Williams, Reggie Bush and Vince Young before finally offering their deal to Mario.

    It's a way to judge not only the talent for cost ratio, but to drive down the over-all price making it a competition for the job. It is well known that the first overall pick does not always come down to one single stand out player, and the team with the pick does not have to be pigeon holed in choosing the unanimous "BPA" under the opinions of everyone else.


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