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Thread: We would be drafting the 4th player today, Day 2

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    We would be drafting the 4th player today, Day 2

    Had we not traded for Jenkins (which I still think was a smart move), we would be drafting #4 overall on Day 2.

    Who are your top 4 remaining prospects? We would have been guaranteed to get one of them! I hate torturing myself like this but hey, I'm a Jets fan.

    4 guys I like who are still out there, in no particular order...

    - Cliff Avril, DE (good value here I think, passrusher, can he stand up at OLB?)
    - Dan Connor, LB (rotate with Barton at ILB, is he physical enough?)
    - Mario Manningham, WR (kinda reminds me of Cotchery for some reason, good at lots of things, not really great at any)
    - Jamaal Charles, RB (good speed, rough around the edges, needs development)
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    Avril and Connor are nice prospects here but given this list, I'd trade the pick for Jenkins again in a heartbeat.


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