1. When the Lakers play good, they seem to lose. When they play bad they somehow actually win.
2. Tiger only seems to grimmace after bad shots. I do the same thing. If I shank a ball into the woods I always grab something or look at the club immediately as if there's something wrong with it.
3. Tiger is the greatest competitor since Michael Jordan.
4. Kobe is nowhere near MJ. Yes, I said nowhere near.
5. Justin Timberlake seems to play some good golf but still dresses like a f*g.
6. M. Night can't make a good movie anymore.
7. Mark Wahlberg is an okay actor but only has two facial expressions, a blank stare and a WTF? look.
8. It's already the time of year in Phoenix when you can't play golf after 11 a.m.
9. The Tilted Kilt is a great restaurant but that concept would just fall apart in the NY/NJ area after what I've seen in the "how to spot a NJ native" thread. Friendly girls from ASU in short plaid skirts ease the pain after shooting a 103 in 109 degree heat.
10. Father's Day cards written in crayon can't be beat.

That's all.