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Thread: DL dept. : Kenyon Coleman - " Jets' Coleman gets new perspective " ~ ~ ~

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    Arrow DL dept. : Kenyon Coleman - " Jets' Coleman gets new perspective " ~ ~ ~

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    Thanks for posting this story-very inspirational.
    It astounds me when I hear about the real losers in this world
    who blow their opportunities-the pacmans, Mike Williams'...whether
    its drugs, weight issues, lack of discipline, whatever....soon
    the chance is over, the $$ is gone and these guys have done nothing to better the world around them.

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    Kenyon Coleman has really been a forgotten guy around here with all of the new additions. I think he like David Bowens had a pretty decent year last year and next to a guy like Kris Jenkins, he might be even better this year

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    I'm glad he went, awesome, but if I read another story about this guy's trip to Africa I'm going to puke. Its a continent, he went there, great.

    I'm ready to start reading articles about Kenyon Coleman on the field because as of now I've read zero in over a year and 2 training camps.


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