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Thread: Don't have to worry about the Giants repeating...

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    Don't have to worry about the Giants repeating...

    Glauber picks them to win...Jets, no playoffs.

    I'll show you mine if you show me yours

    Now that I've roped you in with that adolescent headline, it's time to make your picks for the NFL season.

    I sense a BBiB! spreadsheet in the works, which would clearly set a record based on the fact that he'd have to wait until late December to post the results.

    In any event, here are my division winners, wild card teams and playoff winners:

    NFC East: Giants
    NFC North: Vikings
    NFC South: Saints
    NFC West: Seahawks

    Wild cards: Cowboys, Eagles
    Super Bowl team: Giants

    AFC East: Patriots
    AFC North: Steelers
    AFC South: Colts
    AFC West: Chargers

    Wild cards: Jaguars, Browns
    Super Bowl team: Colts

    Super Bowl: Giants beat Colts

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    I don't see how he has them over the Cowboys..Glauber wants to piss off Jet fans..Why even bother posting this trash.

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    i LOLed


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