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Thread: OT: Mad Dog on Sirius/XM Today

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    OT: Mad Dog on Sirius/XM Today

    Happen to see that Mad Dog was on doing a NFL preview show. Was on from 2-7pm. He picked Jets to make playoffs and Cowboys to beat Chargers in SuperBowl.

    Not sure about others, but I find Mike completely un-listenable. Chris' excitement added more to that show than I ever thought. Mike's monotone voice makes it hard to stay with him. Plus, I turn Russo off to throw on wfan during the ride home maybe 4/5 different times and they were always on commercial.

    To those that listen to sports talk, and if you have Sirius/XM, will you listen to Russo in his new gig that officially begins 9/15? He also said that it will be 24-hour sports talk, no games. Curious to see who he gets for his hosts.

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    Chargers in SB? Did they trade for Brady to do it?

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    i was listening to WFAn online and they pissed me off. Firts Beningo said that if he had to bet Favre starting streak will come to an end this season.
    Then Franscecsa com,ing live from Giants stadium saying that the Giants hav ethe best fans on the city. Better than the Yankees, Rangers etc. He said good team or bad seast are always fileld, he said the Bronz was empty when the Yankees where bad, but Giant fans where always there.

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    Mad Dog talking football is joke, period

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    Quote Originally Posted by HessStation View Post
    Mad Dog talking football is joke, period
    + 1

    Mad Dog can be funny at times but he doesn't know much about sports esp. football and basketball

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    WHen they are on their own, Dog is better than Mike... But they were at their best when together.

    The production on WFAN sucks too. THe jingles and everything else are just amazingly bad.


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