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Thread: New Blog Entry: Made It Here in One Piece

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    New Blog Entry: Made It Here in One Piece

    Despite being stuck in traffic on the L.I.E at 6:30 in the morning and making a wrong turn (in which I had to go through Newark Airport to turn around) I made it to the Jets new facility in about an hour and 45 min. From first impressions this place is exactly what everyone has [...]


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    Sooth mentioned the press room too.

    It doesn't seem like a detail that could be overlooked accidentally, so you have to wonder what the Jets are thinking;

    How do you spend millions upgrading the profile and personnel of a team and then pay scant attention to the comfort of the Press, which, whether you like them or not, are an integral part of the whole process.

    Its not like they are asking for Jacuzzi's....



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