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Thread: Yankees and Bank of America teaming up

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    Yankees and Bank of America teaming up

    Only the New York Yankees can get away with selling naming rights to Yankee Stadium for that kind of money per year without actually renaming Yankee Stadium. Sheer Genius, only in America.

    Bank of America Corp. is close to finalizing the largest sponsorship associated with the New York Yankees’ new stadium, according to Street & Smith’s SportsBusiness Journal, a sister publication of the Charlotte Business Journal.

    While numerous sources said an agreement on the Premier Partnership package has been reached, an announcement date has not yet been set. Terms of the deal could not be confirmed. Early this year, the package was being shopped at $20 million a year.

    Sources familiar with the deal said last week it was worth more than the New York Mets’ deal with Citibank and Barclays’ deal with the New Jersey Nets’ new home, each of which was said to be for an average of $20 million a year over 20 years. But another source said the Yankees’ deal was valued at several million dollars less than that per year.
    The deal is said to include a comprehensive financial relationship between the franchise and the bank. It also offers BofA a vast array of inventory within the new ballpark, which is slated to open next year, including prime locations for signs and a logo on all Yankees tickets.
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    For as long as at least one thing remains sacred, I will be happy with life.

    Tampax Stadium at Yankee Park would have been the end of me.


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