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Thread: Mets Lose Flip to The Phillies

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    Mets Lose Flip to The Phillies

    If the Mets and Phillies finish the regular-season tied atop the NL East, the deciding one-game playoff would be played in Philadelphia, Major League Baseball said today.

    MLB held a series of coin flips for teams that began the day within 5 games of a playoff spot. The Mets lead the Phillies by three games heading into play tonight.

    Also in the NL, Los Angeles would play host to Arizona for the West crown, and the Chicago Cubs would play host to Milwaukee in the Central.

    In flips for the NL wild-card tiebreaker:

    - Philadelphia would host Milwaukee.

    - Houston would host Milwaukee.

    - Philadelphia would host either Houston or St. Louis.

    - St. Louis would host either Milwaukee or Houston.

    The Boston Red Sox would host Tampa Bay in a one-game tiebreaker for the AL East championship. Fenway Park also would be the site if Boston and Minnesota need to play for the AL wild card.

    The Chicago White Sox would host Minnesota if the teams need to play a tiebreaker for the AL Central title.

    The White Sox led Minnesota by one game, the tightest race in the majors.

    If two teams from the same division finish in a tie, and both are guaranteed a playoff spot, they do not play. Instead, their head-to-head record determines which club is the division champion and which one is the wild card.

    The Mets won the season series over the Phillies, 11-7.

    The second tiebreaker is the best divisional record.
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    I was gonna post the Darth Vade NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! but I couldnt link it in.

    Someone wanna hook me up?

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    won't be an issue...this ain't 2007. Johan Santana, Jose Reyes & Delgado GUARANTEE it won't be an issue!

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    Don't want it to come down to that.

    Big relief for us is we just won TWO games in which Oliie and Pelf did not have it. That is huge considering that losing those games ould have us sweating.

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    There's a serious problem if it comes down to a tiebreaker game.


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