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Thread: As the dust settles

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    As the dust settles

    1st let me say that I watched that game with two Pats fans @ my home in NH & it was very hard to keep from screaming watching what unfolded before my eyes.
    But, before the game started I mentioned to the Pats fans that they were lucky they were getting the Jets early in the season because I felt we had too many new players & needed time to Gel.
    That being said there is absolutely no excuse after practicing for this game for a week that they start out 1st play 12 MEN ON THE FIELD! penalty!
    1- We had excruciating bad play calling, we pay Favre 12 million to hand off to, I'm sorry, but Thomas Jones is the most OVERRATED back the Jets have ever had! He couldn't hold Johnny Hectors jock strap, 3 times from the 3 yard line! Mangini, grow some balls & slay the dragon you baby.
    2- Our offense started on the 20-23 yard line 9 times!
    3- The Pats started 4 times between their own 45 & the Jets 40!
    4- Their only TD came after the Favre interception on the 35 I believe!
    5- Coles dropped 2 catchable balls on 3rd down & they were huge for trying to get another 4 downs so Favre could make something happen!
    6- Our punters net overall was 27 Yds!
    7- We had 6-60- They had 2-10 in penalty yards!
    8- We missed a 32 yard FG on the 1st drive!
    AND EVEN WITH ALL THAT WE LOST BY 9 POINTS! Obviously we need to improve on offense, Special teams, & coaching.
    The defense did enough to win that game holding them to 19pts, if we want to be a contender we have to be able to score 20 Pts.
    I will not surrender even though I was depressed till about 20 minutes ago.

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    Question marks-

    Graham- should be cut
    Brad Smith- what purpose does he serve?
    Dustin Keller get him on the field more
    Drew Coleman- was awful yesterday
    Leon Washington's blitz pickup is going to get Brett killed
    Run defense when they spell Kris Jenkins is soft
    Kenyon Coleman?
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    The Jets need to get leads this year to really take advantage of their defense, which right now is the strength of the team. Mangini & Shotty are not utilizing the guys they have & putting them in the best place to achieve. Simple as that.

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    Kenyon Coleman?
    This guy stinks. Cant believe he is making as much money as he is.

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    I know how you feel but, be sure & invite them back for the 2nd. game.....


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