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Thread: Toon, Chrebet, Coles

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    Toon, Chrebet, Coles

    Would anybody be surprised if the end of the line is here for Coles? The hit he sustained the injury on was very run of the mill, nothing violent for sure. He seems to just be getting more prone to them now, each future one will come easier and easier.

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    wouldnt bother me to get rid of that overpaid, overrated, crybaby.

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    Coles is one of my favorite Jets ever, it really bums me out to think of the condition he's going to be in when he gets towards his 40's, 50's and beyond.

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    This is the third year in the row that Coles has been banged up well before the season's end. Concussions are putting his career, and more importantly his life, in danger. This game against the Chiefs he should sit out. Let Stuckey, Brad Smith, Dustin Keller, and Clowney step up and play a bigger role; especially Keller and Smith. Use them more extensively against the Hermies, because if Coles goes down and out...we're going to need these other guys to make plays and help win some games.


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