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Thread: Yet Another David Clowney Thread

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    Yet Another David Clowney Thread

    When it comes to football, I'm not the smartest guy around, but here's what I did notice. The Broncos stacked the box on us, drastically reducing the effectiveness of the run and short passing game that we thrive on. So obviously the best way to keep the D honest is with the deep threat.

    We had one on one coverage in several situations today and yet we couldn't convert. One was dropped, a couple were very well covered, and on one the CB actually outran the WR to the ball. Unacceptable. The point is, we were lacking separation. I'm not saying that we should be getting separation every play, but a couple of times a game is necessary. The problem is our wide receivers aren't fast enough to do it, and it's been hurting us all season. An opposing D goes into a game knowing that they won't need to provide that much safety help over the top because our WRs really don't have the ability to burn opposing CBs. That is a serious problem. And looking at the WRs on our roster, I see only one with any possibility of solving that problem, and his name is David Clowney.

    I know that everyone's says that he's a preseason standout who burned third-stringers, but nonetheless, he was getting separation. Those third-stringers have the speed of many the players that play against us today, the difference is they just don't have the cover skills. In other words, I believe that if a WR can get separation on a 3rd-stringer, he can do it on many, but not all, first stringers.

    Am I saying that Clowney is the answer to our problems? Certainly not. But there's a fair chance that he could be the missing piece to our offense, and add another dimension to it. But what I do know is that we have a problem with our receiving corps and we need to do something to mix it up, whether that be activating David Clowney, or some other solution.

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    totally agree..we need a wr to tretch the field take a favre slant to the house..its time to make adjustments now!! the rest of the league will use this gane today and will adjust so we better adjust also!!


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