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Thread: In Chemistry 101: The Jets Get an F!

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    In Chemistry 101: The Jets Get an F!

    This past summer, Favre was asked, "What makes a team a winner?"
    Favre, who knows a little bit about winning, replied, "It's all about chemistry.
    It's about how these guys want to play together and win together. It's not about the talent... it's about the team."
    The Jets are a very talented team. Almost everyone would agree to that. Wins over the Pats and the Titans were not flukes... Jeff Fisher admitted that the Jets have so many weapons, they should be hard to stop.
    If Favre is right about team chemistry, then this is where the problem lies.
    The Jets have NO chemistry.
    And I believe the Head Coach makes the chemistry!
    This HC can't deal with personnel problems: he allowed the Kendal fiasco to destroy team chemistry in the past, he obviously is having problems dealing with the Power of Favre to the point that players are resenting it (Coles is a whiner but his complaints that "It's all about Brett..." has the ring of truth to it).
    Mangini is losing or has destroyed the player's confidence in themselves. He has stubbornly refused to allow the player's to play to their strengths and put them into positions where if they don't adapt, they fail. And that usually means after they are humiliated, they eventually are shipped off the team. You don't have to look any further than Gholston: most rookies need some time to improve, but this guy has too much talent to look so bad, so completely lost! Mangini puts him in an unnatural position where he is bound to fail. Does any one doubt that if Mangini remains, that Gholston will never blossom under his watch?
    Mangini has lost the player's confidence in his ability to lead: David Harris so much as admitted it today after the game. No adjustments in a game the defense was being outplayed in? That's inexcusable, and the players know it. Mangini is losing his team.
    The Pats win year after year, the players come and go, even losing their
    HOF QB, and they continue to win consistently. How could the chemistry remain good with such player turnover? Belichik creates the chemistry!
    The Dolphins win 1 lousy game last year, this year they are tied for first. Shuffled some players, bring in a "washed-up" QB (Pennington) from an awful Jet team (with zero chemistry) where he was benched, and now they have good chemistry? They have a good young HC who knows what he's doing (and Parcells as well). There is the chemistry!
    The Jets can bring in as many Pro-Bowl players as they want, they can
    banish an often injured QB and bring in a HOF QB to replace him, they can fire and hire Coordinators, but the bottom line is this:
    As Favre says, "Winning is all about chemistry...," and as long as Mangini is the HC, sad to say, the Jets will never have any.

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    There will never be great chemistry as long as Mangini is coaching and throwing his players under the bus and never taking the blame. Im almost positive theres a bunch of guys in that locker room that would perfer a different coach.

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    Favre needs to hold a players only meeting tomorrow!

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    A couple of things I've been pondering lately:

    -That Favre actually has great chemistry with the rest of the team, but Mangini kinda contains it and makes them keep things down low and ****, instead of playful and excitable.

    -That Mangini realized he had nothing in Clemens and didn't believe in Ratty or Ainge. Thus, bringing in a HOF QB as a temporary and hopeful stopgap until a 'real QB' surfaces, buying him some time. Who would thought that it was his fellow coaches ****ing up the team, not the players.

    Anyone else??


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