The biggest problem with our secondary is coaching, period ! Im not going to blame it on the players. A DB can only cover a WR for so long, There is a window there 2-3 seconds and at that point the rush should be starting to get to the QB, if not your in trouble.

When you drop everyone in coverage and only rush 3 or 4, WR's will eventually get open given the time no matter who is covering them. There is a limit as to how close a DB can cover a WR and stay with them. When we were rushing the passer (blitzing like crazy) in the beginning of the season it put pressure on the QB, got him out of rhythm, and made the DB's job that much easier.

The perfect example of why this works was the Arizona game. We blitzed Kurt Warner in the first half RELENTLESSLY and created numerous turnovers, had great field position, and disrupted the passing game to the point it was totally ineffective. The result 34-0 halftime lead. In the second half of that game we rushed 3 men for most of the second half got no pressure on the QB and Kurt Warner Picked us apart and at one point had the ball down by 14 points with a chance to cut the lead to 7. Thats unacceptable

Thats the perfect explanation of the changes you have seen in the Jets from the first half of the season to now. This team is built to blitz and apply pressure NOT TO DROP 270 pound LB's into coverage where they can NOT succeed. Mangini is the Idiot who built this team with Tanny and its once again Obvious to me he has no clue what he has. Similar to his trying to run a 3-4 for 2 years with 4-3 Personell. He is IMHO one of the worst coaches in the NFL when it comes to coaching to the talent he has around him. I think given the right circumstance he can manage a game well but he has no clue how to deal with personell when it comes to schemes and roster moves and since he has not demonstrated that in the first three years (what seems obvious to all of us here) when should we expect him to actully learn ?

If the Jets do not go back to the blitz and disrupt the QB this season will be lost. Making teams with ordinary QB's look great will not net us one playoff win because most of those QB's are much better than ordinary. This is NOT me being negative this is a fact. The way this team wins is with pressure and alot of it. That will cure our secondary problems in a heartbeat. Were not the type of team to get beat deep and teams know this so the scheme to beat us underneath and since our LB's simply are not getting it done in coverage we might as well blitz from a nickel package and I would like to see more of Devito on passing downs because this guy can downright rush the passer 10 x better than Coleman.