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Thread: Just how much is every game a MUST WIN?

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    Just how much is every game a MUST WIN?

    It's pretty clear to most of us that if we win the last two games against Seattle and Miami, we're AFC East Division Champions.

    Some Facts:

    -If we win the division, it solidifies a first round home game.
    -If we lose the last two games, there is mathematically no possible way to make the playoffs.
    -With the Pittsburgh win today, there is mathematically no possible way to get a first round BYE
    -In order to win the Division we MUST defeat the Dolphins. No questions asked.

    Only ways to win the division*:

    -Win both games against Seattle and Miami
    -Win against Miami AND Patriots lose one game.

    How to make the playoffs without winning the Division:

    -This task is irrelevant and confusing at the moment. It is also virtually impossible. For this reason, we must win the next two weeks.

    *All scenarios exclude the possibility of a tie.

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    how bout we just win the next 2 games and get in? idc about different scenerios.

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    If we lose next week, we need the Pats to lose to the Cardinals, or else we're totally screwed. Pats aren't losing to the Bills.

    I think we need to win both to make it, realistically.


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