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Thread: What happened between Week 12 and 13?

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    What happened between Week 12 and 13?

    Without really wanting to I've kinda given up on this season; even if we make it to the playoffs I'm not convinced we'll make it past the first round. I'm moving on the figuring out what happened.

    Week 12, beat the only remaining undefeated team.
    Week 13, lose to a somewhat lesser team badly.

    For the games past week 13, every game was flat and filled with miscommunication, mistakes, bad passes, dropped catches, bad defense, etc.
    WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS TEAM BETWEEN WEEKS 12 AND 13??? It's like there were two completely different teams this season, and I'm convinced something happened in the locker room that's affected the team badly within the month of November . Although it's probably naive, I think Mangini fess up to what it was. He should also share hoew he plans to correct for it.

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    Peaked too early?

    That's my guess and that's all I got.

    Today has me gutted like a fish.


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    I have been wondering about this also and I agree, something happened with the team between titans week and broncos week that just flat out destroyed the psychological state of the team.

    While the Patriots game was a hard fought, overtime thriller the Titan game was complete domination against what after today seems to be possibly the best team in the league.

    IMO, the titans game was absolutely no fluke. We had a game plan that was so well planned out and executed that we looked like we were capable of steam rolling our way through the rest of the season. Think about it, our offense, defense and special teams were all operating at the highest level possible.

    So, what could have possibly happened to bring this team down so far, so fast in 7 days time? Its honestly like the team just was satisified with their output and flat out quit after that game. I havent seen this team play with any heart or passion since tennessee, its like they dont even want to win.

    WTF happened?


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