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Thread: Topics to be discussed in a letter to Mr. Johnson

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    Topics to be discussed in a letter to Mr. Johnson

    This New York Football Jets team is in no way shape or form a bad team. However, the coaching staff of this team is horrendous. Head Coach Eric Mangina, defensive coordinator Bob Sutton, and maybe even offensive coordinator Brian Schottenhiemer are horrible and should be wiped clean. There are several reasons why I blame Eric Mangini and even more so Bob Sutton for the demise of the organization this season:

    1.) We have the most pro-bowlers of any team yet we can’t make the playoffs?
    This is a sad thing to say. Just a few short days ago we were high on our horses for being the team with the most pro-bowlers, but does that really mean we are super-bowl contending team? Not with this coaching staff. We were 8-3 at one point and highly favored to have the first round bye in the playoffs; and now we have no control over our destiny and could very well be the usual disapointing Jets. I blame the coaches entirely. Any “decent” coach could take this team and make them playoff bound, but Mangini is a horrible coach and could not take a team with 7 pro-bowlers to the playoffs…Pathetic

    2.) Chad v/s Brett
    This is another aspect that is baffling my mind. When we had Penny, we thought he was an awful quarterback that couldn’t make any throw. Well, good old noodle arm is leading the 1-15 dolphags to the playoffs in just one short year with minimal additions. Now look at Brett Favre, one of the best quarterbacks of all time throwing for at least 250-300 yards and a pair of tds every game. We bring him into a team with 140 million dollars in free agents and he can’t throw for more than 200 yards in a game. Our play-calling is horrendous period.

    3.) What the heck is said and done at halftime
    This is something that has been killing me since Mangina has come to the Jets. We never ever ever make second half adjustments. When we are winning I can understand that we don’t want to change what is working. But when we are losing and nothing is working, why the heck do we not do anything about it. This is something common sensed coaches know to do and we never do it.
    4.) What the hell is our thinking on defensive and offensive strategies:

    Defense - I don’t even know where to start. In the beginning of the year we looked great, applying vast pressure on quarterbacks and eliminating the run for opposing teams. However, our ultra conservative strategy needs to come to an end. Lately I have seen our defensive strategy be rush 3 men and drop 8 into coverage. That is fine…if it is 3rd and 15 you morons. And even when we have 8 guys in coverage, our coverage is so loose that we give up the big plays anyway. Send 5 to 6 guys and u still have 5-6 guys to cover whoever they are sending out and it also puts pressure on the qb to make bad decisions which also equates to turnovers

    Offense - sometimes I can say we are making good decisions by running the ball and making smart throws, but there are times I’m like “what the hell are they thinking”. For example today we had 3rd and about 11. the play we called was a short 2 yard screen to brad smith…what the hell? I really believe that we are stuck in the mindset of catching the other teams offguard and trickery like we won 10 games 2 years ago with, but we aren’t that sorry team anymore. We have a legit lineup of people that can just play smash mouth football. Stop trying to be creative nimwitts.
    5.) Seattle game proves our players don’t play for our head coach
    After watching this game I realized something, our players do not like Mangini and do not want to play for him. Holmgren is a great coach with mediocre talent and his players went out there and played their hardest for 4 quarters because he is a good coach and he commands his squad. We controlled our own destiny, it was no secret that Seattle was a must win and the Jets plainly did not play hard for our coach. His speeches are probably pathetic and will never get the team riled up for the game; all he probably does in the locker room is chew his gum like a cow like he does on the sideline.

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    Bravo. I was absolutely sick to my stomach on Sunday. Mangini needs to GET THE **** OUT.


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