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Thread: Dilfer's take on snowballs!

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    Dilfer's take on snowballs!

    Got to love Trent Dilfer's perspective on Ellis' snowball fight;

    "the object of a snowball fight is if you get hit, you need to find a bigger snowball and take that person down. there should be two hits, you hitting the person and the person hitting the ground. sean ellis clearly won that snowball fight."

    don't know why, but i've noticed that this guy as some love for this organization. picks them to win every week, loves Favre!

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    Classy move by the fans in Seattle....that **** hole town...F them all.

    Qwest should be fined for not protecting the players on the field, not Ellis.

    I hate Seattle with a passion.

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    exactly where in the NFL Fan Code of Conduct does snow balls get addressed? I am glad Ellis did that. That is no different than the Giant fans a few years back vs The Chargers. I mean come on they take the covers off of the water bottles at the game so they can be thrown but snow balls are ok?


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