I think we can all hate him and jump up and down saying we want him fired BUT I think Woody has a hard on for this guy and will not do that.

I have gone over and over this season and even if the problem with this team is not out smacking you in the face there are some roads to lead you to coaching. One of them is having a league high 7 pro bowlers on your team right now! You can't say you do not have the talent when your Running Back is the AFC leader and 7 of your players are going to Hawaii! Adjustments in the game have been awful, which also points at coaching. Yes the players have to play but as a coach you have to put your players in the best position.

Even though I am on the " Fire Mangini " Band wagon I do think some things need to happen first before canning him. First off if he lays an egg with Miami sending a 1-15 team last year to the playoffs and the winning the Divison that is just a insult. If you can not control your play off hope at least control what you can! Also if you are going to can this guy make sure you have a better experience person waiting in the wings. Cowher of course is the answer but who knows if he will come. maybe even Marty I know we can get him.

The one person I do think that needs to be fire regardless is Sutton and some assistance! If anything at least give us that!!!!!!

I am just hating what this team did to us this year. It felt like they ripped my heart out. I was so excited for the play offs because once we got there I thought anything could happen. But to not even make it and see MIAMI of all teams go that will hurt the most!!! The Jets at least need to NOT make that happen!