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Thread: What number will Teixeira wear?

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    What number will Teixeira wear?

    I'm sick of tired of hearing all the crying over the Yankees spending habits, lets get back to the basics.

    He wore #23 in Texas, in honor of his boy hood ideal Donny Baseball. I believe he wore #24 in Atlanta, and #25 in Anahiem. Obviously #23 is retired, and Robinson Cano is wearing #24 in honor of Jackie Robinson. (42 flipped over) So I guess he can just take #25, since Giambi is no longer on the team. He could also wear #26, to keep the ascending order of numbers.

    Mattingly #23
    Martinez #24
    Giambi #25
    Teixeira #26

    Ehh, probably not. Jose Molina wears #26 anyways. My guess is #25
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