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Thread: OFFICIAL Ravens vs. Jags Thread

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    Ravens Inactives Today

    Here is the entire inactive list for the Ravens:

    QB Todd Bouman, WR/RS Yamon Figurs, WR Marcus Maxwell, RB Ray Rice, CB Fabian Washington, LB Antwan Barnes, T Oniel Cousins, G/T David Hale.

    Here is the inactive list for the Jaguars:

    QB Paul Smith, WR Nate Hughes, DB Calvin Lowry, LB Thomas Williams, G Cameron Stephenson, T Jordan Black, DE Mkristo Bruce, DT Atiyyah Ellison.

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    OFFICIAL Ravens vs. Jags Thread

    I got the superfan dtv on so i'll keep everyone up to date. TD JAX

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    Jaguars SCORE!!!

    7-3 wahoooooooooo
    were going to the super bowllllllllllllllll

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    Jax came to play

    Have we?

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    I have the ESPN gamecast going on my computer, and they are giving updates during the game, no way i'm switching.

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    wont mean jack if Favre cant move this offense

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    Start of the 2nd qtr, Balt has ball on the balt 43, 1st down.

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    Jax D has come to play today

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    1st down Balt on Jax 45

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    Blat inside the 20, almost Mason td

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    1st and goal for balt

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    TD balt

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    jax can't run the ball now at all. 3rd and 10 on jax 20

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    jax punted to balt 23

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    Balt at Jax 40, make the 36yd line.

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    Balt on jax 15, bye bye playoffs

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    1st and goal.

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    flacco 11 for 14 187yds

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    Jacksonville has packed it in.

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    TD Ravens. Baltimore is definitely going to win this game. They're just flat out better.


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