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Thread: Interview: New Era Scouting Draft Discussion

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    Interview: New Era Scouting Draft Discussion

    With the draft rapidly approaching, David Syvertsen of our good friends at New Era Scouting took time to answer some questions for us about the 2009 Draft Class and how it applies to the Jets needs. Big thanks to David for helping out!

    TJB: The Jets have a lot of needs at a lot of positions Ö is there one position that is projecting deeper in this draft than the average?

    David Syvertsen, New Era Scouting: This yearís running back class is one of, if not the best Iíve seen since I started the scouting process. Names like Knowshon Moreno, Chris Wells, Donald Brown, and LeSean McCoy are likely to be selected in the top 40 picks but there are plenty of backs behind them that will compete for majority carries early on in their careers.

    Shonn Greene (Iowa), Rashad Jennings (Liberty), and Glenn Coffee (Alabama) run with the pop and physicality that is NFL ready. Remember back to the 2005 class where Marion Barber III and Brandon Jacobs were both dropped to 4th round grades because of their lack of top end speed and agility. Their effectiveness in short yardage situations got them on the field and they both soared from there. Greene, Jennings, and Coffee are those thick based backs that can make the immediate difference and eventually evolve into every down backs like the guys at the top of the class.

    Beyond the running backs, positions like offensive tackle, tight end, and cornerback are all spots that the Jets could use picks on towards the middle and end of their draft to bring in players for immediate depth and long term evolvement.

    TJB: Following that up, whoís a quality second round running back the Jets might get who can replace Thomas Jones?

    Syvertsen: If we are strictly talking about the second round for the Jets, a few names will certainly be out of consideration. Moreno, Wells, and McCoy figure to be top 40 selections and that leaves a couple of guys that I feel would be perfect fits for the Jets straight ahead, power run game.

    Donald Brown isnít a sexy back that will break off long run after long run or knock defenders in to tomorrow, but he is a steady back that falls forward and can avoid the meat of a hit to keep himself as fresh as possible. He doesnít appear to be big in pads, but he has some of the strongest legs in comparison to all the backs in this class and that is whatwis most important for a running backís strength. I compare him to Tiki Barber when considering his versatility and productivity.

    They are the kind of backs that go overlooked far too often when talking about the best in the business but when you look at how effective they are every down, their value is priceless.

    TJB: With the Jets picking at 17 in the first round Ö whoís the most likely receiver that fits their need at that slot?

    Syvertsen: As of right now, the only receiver that I can say I am sure will be off the board is obviously Michael Crabtree. Beyond him, the 2009 wide receiver class is full of wildcards that all have significant question marks if they are going to be taken with a first round pick.

    Iíve watched some Jets tape over the past week and there is a definite need at the position. They lack speed and gamebreaking ability while they have a couple of reliable, short to intermediate route runners with good hands in Cotchery and Stuckey. But to ensure those two get their clean looks underneath and tight end Dustin Keller can work the seams, there needs to be a legit deep threat that can get separation.

    Two names that I feel will fit the bill are Missouriís Jeremy Maclin anf Marylandís Darius Heyward-Bey. They both have top notch speed and can be a factor right away when simply considering their presence. However at the same time, they both need a lot of technique work and they will also need time to adjust to the physical style of play NFL defensive backs play with. Their dividends may not be immediate, but if their potential is reached through hard work and solid coaching, the Jets passing attack could be a dangerous one in the near future.

    TJB: Will Clemson DT Dorell Scott be available to the Jets in the third round? Or will be already be gone?

    Syvertsen: I donít see Dorrell Scott as a guy that will be taken in the top three rounds. The overall physical package is there and he has always been considered a top notch worker off the field, but his tape does not match expectations. His production is sporatic despite having played with very good talent next to him along the Clemson defensive line over the past few years. If he is off the board before the Jets pick int he 3rd round, it would be a surprise to me. I personally view him as a 4th-5th round prospect.

    TJB: Will DE/DT Jarron Gilbert get drafted in the first round?

    Syvertsen: Gilbert has received a lot of hype throughout this entire post season, pre-draft process and rightfully so. He is an unusual athlete that will cause defensive minds to salivate at the thought of using him in a variety of ways. His production at a somewhat low level of college football was through the roof and his head is tightly screwed on straight.

    With all of that said, Gilbert still does not rank ahead of the top defensive linemen in this class. The earliest I could possibly see him going would be towards the end of the first round with Tennessee at #30. It all really depends on how the draft transpires before that but for the sake of the question, I will go on record saying I believe Gilbert will not be taken in the first round, more likely towards the middle of the second.

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    Is this RB class as good as last year's? It might be deep, but I doubt that the 1st/2nd/3rd rounders this year are on the same level of the 1st/2nd/3rd rounders from last year.


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