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Thread: The Favre Effect

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    The Favre Effect

    When Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum was asked if the one-year Brett Favre experiment could be termed a failure, he said no and added that the Jets would benefit from Favre’s presence on the roster for years to come.

    At the time, the Jets were still in the wake of (get out your hankies) the Interception Era, five horrible games to end a season that had seemed destined for the playoffs. Tannenbaum’s words seemed like spin designed to put the best light on Favre’s tenure here.

    With the passage of a few months however, and the Jets appearing to be seriously considering the in house candidates Brett Rattliff, Kellen Clemens and to a much lesser extent Erik Ainge, maybe there was something to what Tannenbaum said after all.

    Each of the three quarterbacks contending to take his starting job say they got something out of Favre’s time in New York. Ainge said he’d always thought things came naturally to Favre, but hadn’t realized how hard he actually had to work to give off the easy-going appearance.

    [Click to listen]


    Ratliff said that thebiggest thing he learned was how to have fun, and that Favre was, 17 years his senior, a bigger kid than the younger quarterback.

    [Click to listen] 032609ratty

    Clemens said he had spoken to Favre recently, as well as former Jets quarterback Chad Pennington. He said that being able to watch Favre last season is something that will make him a better quarterback.

    [Click to listen] 032609clemens

    “I’ve now had an opportunity to sit back and watch one the greatest to ever play the game last year go through everything that he had to go thorough,” Clemens said. “It was a very unique opportunity I tried to make the most of.”

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    linked the page for those who want to listen to the audio . . .

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    Thanks Johnny, BUT it's time to move on from Favre

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    Quote Originally Posted by el_dub80 View Post
    Thanks Johnny, BUT it's time to move on from Favre
    I think we have moved on. The point is that Favre has influenced the QB's who remain with the Jets. I can't help but to think his influence was positive and they will be better QB's for it.


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