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Thread: business ideas

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    What you need to do is think about things that seem inefficient in your day to day life and come up with creative solutions to them. The answers will come easily if you always think that way.

    For instance, think about a simple hot dog meal. It's kind of a pain in the ass to truck all the condiments and sides to the picnic table for dinner for a simple hot dog, right? So invent a hot dog that already has the condiments and side salads inside it. That will sell like hotcakes. Get r done.
    +1 Low-risk investment with high % turnover

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jets Things View Post
    Start a Jets fan site.
    does it make profit ?

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    OK, I will give a serious reply. What type of business, retail, services, Network marketing? What are your skills? Education?

    If you lack any real marketable skill, and want to be self employed, then network marketing is the probable direction for you. Its also known as MLM (Multi Level marketing) That can work if you put a full time effort into it.


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