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Thread: The crypt keeper and I agree (for once!)...

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    The crypt keeper and I agree (for once!)...

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    i agree too but the owners are too cheap and the union doesn't really want it either... it hurts vets.

    if it can survive the UFL will be like the expanded rosters

    maybe a good compromise is to allow more than 45 to dress on game day... but again I heard it was the players union that wants that limit not the league...

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    This makes sense more for the developmental aspect of it then the depth.

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    This tidbit from Clayton opened my eyes:

    "By not expanding the rosters by six players each and developing the young prospects, the owners are costing themselves lots of money. Those six extra players for each team won't reach free agency until 2014 (it will take six full seasons to become a free agent if the league goes uncapped), and the NFL will be losing 192 players it could have nurtured."


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