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Thread: Who had the best draft on paper or based on potential?

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    Who had the best draft on paper or based on potential?

    I personally think it was the Eagles and I think they rep the NFC in the Superbowl this year.

    P.S. I'm happy about the Jets draft.
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    Yeah, I love our draft, but the Eagles did did a lot.

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    Eagles I would have to say as well. Trade for a franchise LT. Get great value for one of the best WR's in the draft at 19 Maclin should not have been available there. Lesean McCoy fits an immediate need with the departure of Buckhalter and will help to take some of the load off of Westbrook. Losing LJ Smith and replacing him with a great pass catching TE/HBACK in Cornelius Ingram in the 5th round was great value as well. Most of all Donovan cant complain about you not addressing the offense anymore.


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